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What to do if you find a shed Orange County snake skin

Shedding of skin is one of the most common habitats that are found among all species that exist in the Orange County snake family. This means that all the snakes that exist on this planet usually shed their skin for different reasons. Shedding of skins among snakes takes place among snakes of all ages including young ones. This process of shedding skin among the snakes is referred to as ecdysis. The one question that bothers many is knowing the reason why the snakes shed their skins.

Why do snakes shed their skin?
There are various reasons why California snakes shed their skins. Below are some of the reasons that make snakes shed off their scaly skins in their life;
• All animals are known to shed their skins at some particular level in their life cycle. Snakes are not an exception from this habit of all animals including human beings.
• Shedding of skin among Orange County snakes mainly takes place in order to allow for further growth. Just like all other animals, snakes also grow and in the process, their skins usually get stretched to extents that they cannot hold for longer and as a result, the skin comes out by itself. Snake skins do not grow.

What should one do if their finds some snake skins in their premises?
Finding some skin sheds of the scaly snake skin is a clear evidence of the existence of California snakes in one’s property. The snake may be living in the area or may have just passed by and they happened to shed off their skins just around your yard.

One should be able to first identify the type of snake that shed the skin. It is said that the non-venomous snakes usually have skins with two or more different groups of scales on them. As for the venomous snakes, their skins usually have only a single scale group especially just around the tail part. Seeking assistance from professional snake dealers would be the best option.

It is recommended that one seeks immediate assistance from trained wildlife agents who will help in finding the Orange County snake and dealing with it appropriately.

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