Types of Orange County Gopher Repellents: Do They Work?

Do you have California Gophers in your property? If yes, then you might be curious to know about the best methods to deal with these creatures so that they can leave your house as soon as possible. The terrible fact is that they can cause huge damage to the landscape within very less time. In such situations, it becomes essential to find some valuable tricks to deal with gopher’s problem.

One of the most common question that most homeowners in the United States keep on asking about Orange County gophers is whether repellents work against them or not. If you are also searching for the answer, you are on the right page. This article will provide you complete information about various Gopher repellents that are easily available at home or market and can be used by anyone. However, most of the commercial Gopher repellents available in the market do not work well; the naturally formulated solutions appear little bit effective. Below we have highlighted details about some of the most commonly used repellents that can help you to solve the gopher related trouble.

Scent Repellent:
Studies reveal that California gophers do not like few specific types of scents, and if they observe them around, they prefer to run away from the area. The Fish Scent is one of the major repellents that is commonly used to repel gophers. If you spray this scent in your premises, the chances are that gophers will easily move away from your habitat. Some people in the United States also prefer to use rotten eggs for this purpose.

Castor Oil Repellent:
Castor oil is another commonly used repellent, and it is tested by several homeowners till now. But the sad truth is that it cannot provide long-term benefits to deal with gopher problem. Generally what people do is mix castor oil with some amount of water and spray this mixture near gopher burrow. Also, spray the mixture inside tunnel; the chances are that the gopher will run away because it cannot tolerate the strong smell of castor oil. But this solution cannot stay effective for the long run; the gopher may return after some time. You may have to use it again and again to maintain its effectiveness.

Coffee Ground Repellents:
Here is another homemade solution to deal with Orange County gophers. If these tiny rodents are invading your property, simply spread some coffee ground near the holes and inside these tunnels so that gophers can feel annoyed by this strong smell. They will soon move away, and if you seal the tunnel on time, they will not even find a way to return.

Exhausted Vehicle Gas:
Experts also suggest using carbon monoxide to make California Gophers runway from your premises. All that you need to do is load the tunnel with the gas released from vehicle exhaust; the animal will either die inside or runway due to the strong smell of carbon monoxide. It is one of the most commonly used solutions in the United States.

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