Is It Good To Keep an Orange County Fox As Pet?

Although they look playful and attractive, it doesn’t mean that you should bring a California fox to home to raise it as a pet. Studies reveal that foxes are a common wild creature in most areas of United States. They can be sighted at forests as well as near urban sectors. So, there is no surprise if you observe one wondering around your premises.

Many people find them cute animals and may even plan to keep them at home like other furry friends. But before you make this decision, it is important to collect a few essential details about these creatures. There is no doubt to say that foxes can be kept as pets, but you need to understand how they must be raised and what kind of fox you actually need.

Even if Orange County foxes have an appearance like dogs but they are actually very different species. You can pick a baby dog from the street and raise it to become your best companion, but nothing like that happens in case of foxes. The wild foxes cannot adjust in the domestic environment. In case if you are curious enough to bring a fox to your home, it is good to tame one or you can also plan to adopt the domesticated one. Now, some of you might be interested to know the difference between a tamed fox and a domesticated one. Well! When we talk about taming, it means raising the animal in different conditions and hoping that it will later settle in a new environment by adopting new manners. However, domestication means changing the genetics so that offspring have different traits as compared to the original parent.

Another important thing you need to know is that foxes also carry several harmful diseases and they have the ability to transfer it further to the pets and humans around. One of the most terrible diseases that fox carry is rabies and as per government protocol, even tamed foxes are not allowed in human habitat due to the risk of getting infected with rabies. You can have a domesticated fox but to do this, you have to follow a long procedure. It is important to get approval from government agencies to keep a fox as a pet.

In case if you successfully bring one home, it is important to know that California foxes are very curious and hyperactive animals. They would like to visit every corner of your home, and while doing so, they may even cause some damage. These creatures have a constant musky smell that people cannot stand, and their urine contains a pungent odor that humans don’t find tolerable. Moreover, they also like digging so the owners need to get it a cage where it can spend time digging. It is also important to get anti-rabies vaccines to keep it safe from harmful diseases viruses. One may also need to make special arrangements for its dietary needs, and it may cost a lot. Probably, it is a good idea to think of any other pet animal for your home.

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