Orange County Flying Squirrels in Your Home

Infestation of pests at home can be harmful due to various reasons. They can spread many diseases and can damage the infrastructure of the house. This post is to discuss about flying squirrels, damage that they can cause and how to get rid of them. Flying squirrels can glide with their parachute wings and generally occupy attic space in your house. Flying squirrels can chew wires in the building and create mess on floorings and carpets with their droppings. The repair cost of reinstating flooring and other infrastructure can be heavy on your pocket. Furthermore, flying squirrels can be cause of diseases like rabies and typhus. Here are some tips as to how can you get rid of them!

Removal of food source:
This one needs bit of investigation but if you can determine what is attracting Orange County squirrels at first place then that can help you in getting rid of them. Squirrels feed on insects and rodents along with fruits and nuts and if your home has enough entry points for these animals then the infestation from flying squirrels is possible. You have to work on two things here- blocking those holes which act as entry points for mice and rodents and decreasing exit points for squirrels so that you can trap them easily.

Home repairs:
You can invest some money towards home repairs to prevent California squirrels from entering your place. Fencing the yard area and trimming the trees that lay close to the building can keep these small creatures with big eyes away from your yard. Squirrels can enter your home from the chimney vents also and thus you may get your chimneys covered to prevent their entry. Home repairs include repairing of cracks in foundation wall and sealing all potential entry points.

The easiest and animal friendly solution is to trap the Orange County squirrels. You can put the trap near the areas where these squirrels have been spotted and put some slippery material on the surface near the trap. For instance, if you have put the trap near the trees then apply this slippery material on the bark and low hanging branches of the trees so that as they slip they fall into the trap. These traps have small mesh and can be used to trap multiple squirrels at a time.

Calling for professional help:
If you are unsure as to how can you manage to get rid of California squirrels then you can consider calling for professional help. The professionals can help in trapping these squirrels safely and transporting them to the recognised places. Professionals use soft measures to trap these squirrels.

There are repellents and poisons such as naphthalene and moth balls available for getting rid of flying squirrels, but they are not recommended options. Not only because it becomes difficult to remove dead squirrels but also morally. Due to urbanisation, mining, deforestation and various other factors we humans are entering their territory. Thus, it becomes our moral responsibility to help them in sending to their zone by asking help from local experts.

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